How epiltouch works

Epiltouch is the answer to all your hand skin problems.

Do you want your hands to be softer and more delicate? Are you tired of the overgrown nail cuticles? How to look after your hands so that they always look impeccable?

The very basic thing to keep your hands in a good condition is to systematically peel of the dead skin. This is not only effective when we need to do an “express manicure” but most of all as corrective treatment for hands that brings back their well-groomed appearance, especially if the skin becomes dry and rough, it develops spots or calluses, or the cuticles start looking unaesthetic.

Epiltouch contains plant enzymes that help the natural peeling of the skin. They hydrolyse proteins, including keratin, the main ingredient of the stratum corneum, and the accumulation of which results in the hands becoming dry and rough. The dead skin gets “dissolved”, and a new layer of skin appears. The enzymes only act on the external layers of the skin, which makes epiltouch safe to use and the whole treatment is non-invasive.

The enzymes have other beneficial effects. They smooth, soften and brighten the skin, at the same time allowing all the nourishing ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. Apart from its exfoliating character, the enzymes also have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and they help the healing process. They remove all types of dirt and debris from the skin and finally let it breathe.

• The skin has smooth look and velvet touch
• The hands and nails are refreshed,
• Healthy skin colour is restored
• The nails are cuticle-free
• Easy manicure and well-groomed hands

How does epiltouch work ?

The skin on our hands is very delicate and at the same time susceptible to negative external factors. Therefore, it easily dehydrates, ages much quicker, and becomes hard and cracked. Without proper care hands soon start looking neglected. During the 20-minute epiltouch treatment plant enzymes actively “dissolve” horny epidermal cells, which speeds up skin regeneration and immediately improves the look of the hands.

Epiltouch contains a selection of active and yet delicate plant enzymes, thanks to which the effect of regeneration is visible straight after the treatment.


Add epiltouch peeling mask to your caring programme, next to all the basic moisturising and nourishing products. Regular skin peeling (once or twice a week) will regenerate ruined hands, add shine to the nails, will ease the hand skin problems, will slow down the regrowth of the nail cuticles, and will also improve the effectiveness of all the other caring products.

The epiltouch mask will not damage hybrid nail polish in any way, and it will make your hands look healthy again and keep them well-groomed in between manicure treatments at the beauty salon.