epilfeet FAQ

Can i use the same pair of epilfeet again?

No. The product is intended for single use only.

When will i see the first effects of epilfeet?

Depending on the condition of the feet, first visible effects may appear after 2-5 days.

Can i use epilfeet during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The skin of pregnant women and nursing mothers are more sensitive, so we recommend not using EpilFeet during this time. There was also no suitable test for this group of people.

Is it possible to sunbathe after the treatment?

It is recommended to keep feet away from direct sunlight or solarium during the first week following the procedure as the new skin may be sensitive to UV radiation.

I have areas i do not wish to peel, how to use the epilfeet mask then?

Simply apply Vaseline to such areas before applying the mask.

Can i do sports during epilfeet treatment?

You can continue to practice any sport.

Can people with diabetes use epilfeet?

Patients with diabetes should always consult a doctor first.

How often can I use epilfeet?

You may use EpilFeet once a month, only.