About us

Absolutely Fabulous to Ty?

I’ve never seen a smiling face that wouldn’t look beautiful. I believe that the nature has given each of us our own individual traits that need to be accepted, taken care of and developed. Because we are beautiful when we believe it. When we feel good in our own skin. Let’s look after it then, so that our skin becomes the source of self-esteem, confidence and the sense of security.

I have spent many years observing the trends in cosmetics, following the methods for becoming beautiful and young, and many attempts at improving oneself and stopping the time (while not having any). Finally I thought I would like to create products that would meet our needs, that would give actual results, and yet would still leave us the time to fulfil our passions and live our lives. This is how the first masks of the byOlie series came into existence. They’re called epilfeet and epiltouch, and they are the perfect introduction to what will come next.

Don’t be afraid to put your heart into the things that you find engaging and pleasant. Have faith in yourself and be ready to share your beliefs and convictions with others. Take care of your passions, of what is in you and what you look like. That is when you will find harmony in your life. Because good spirits are infectious.

And never ever be too busy to feel beautiful!

by Olie